Backstage With The Chainsmokers Making Somebody

In the recently published article by Billboard music, we got an inside look on the production of the recent hit “Somebody” by The Chainsmokers. Through a compilation of self recorded videos we see the duo unleashing their creative sides to produce this popular EDM jam.

Alex “Drew” Taggart (Age 28) stages as the duos producer, writer, and vocalist. He is pictured in the video unleashing his magic. He was raised in Maine, but was introduced to EDM music at the age of 15 while abroad in Argentina.

The Chainsmokers are soaring the billboards as a popular EDM-pop DJ and production duo. Winning the Grammy Award for their hit single “Don’t Let me Down”, the duo’s popularity has soared and has everyone wanting more. Collaborations with other artists shows the grand diversity of their musical skill. The Chainsmokers continuously breaks through the boundaries of music genres by creating spectacular combinations of pop, indie, EDM, and more.

These are the only successes the EDM group has had recently. In February, The Chainsmokers were full of excitement and congratulations as their steady stream of hits gained attention. The duo was named number one on the Billboards Dance 100 list. And their new album ‘Sick Boy’ drew a lot of attention with the new incorporation of live instrumentation into the music. New singles were also dropped and soared to the top of the rankings like “You Owe Me”. Month after month the group continues to rocket. The new release of the single “Everybody Hates Me” has truly resonated with their fans and has everyone asking for more!

It seems like after the release of their hit “Closer” featuring popular new artist Halsey, that the dynamic of the duo is changing. Everyone is loving the change. As more live instrumentals are incorporated along with the glorious melodies being sung by Drew on the tracks, the EDM mix group is attracting a broader audience which must be contributing to their popularity as well. I think I speak for most Chainsmokers fans when I say, I can’t wait to see where these two very talented men take their sound.

Alex Pall Talks About Re-inventing His Music style

Mathias Rosenzweig had an opportunity to interview Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the duo that makes the Chainsmokers. Unlike their DJ counterparts who involve the work of songwriters and singers to add their vocals to their electronic soundscapes to give them a human feel, the pair sings its compositions, something that impressed Mathias. Pall told him that despite pressure from fans, their goal was to produce an album that had 10 to 12 songs related to each other thus writing down their songs. He added that even when they had to include songwriters, they would be the ones guiding the whole song.

Mathias asked about how they met and how they knew they could work together and each of them had something to say. Andrew said that he came to New York after the kid who worked for Alex’s manager told him about a DJ duo that wanted a new member. When he got to New York, Alex quit his job and they immediately started working together. Alex told Mathias that they both had similar ambitions and core values. They chose to grow together learning new things and were ready to build an identity along the same line.

Alex told the magazine that social media had been of great importance boosting their music to reach a wider audience. He added that with their growing fan base, they were working extra hard to make sure they accommodate every fan within all age brackets by choosing their visuals keenly. Alex added that despite making music for themselves, they were glad people connected with it.

Mathias Rosenzweig then asked what it was like working with the star-of-the-moment, Halsey. Pall responded by commending Halsey for being one of the best performers with amazing vocals. He said that she was the type of artist they had always wanted to collaborate with. The duo mentioned to the magazine that, the song “Closer” was a composition they wrote in the bus in one of their tours and it turned out great. They drew inspiration from Taggart’s teen years when he went to school in Syracuse.